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The Palaces of Carrara
2nd edition
Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling 
are back with a new version of their 2012 hit! 

December 6 on

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Kramer & Kiesling wanted a chance to update their game from 2012, and we jumped at the chance to help make that happen. We were fans of the original game, as we know many of you are, and so we're thrilled with how the new rules bring fresh elements into the game while maintaining the original feel.

Players will be able to choose between 2 versions of play, regular and advanced. 

In the regular version players will buy blocks of marble to construct buildings in their cities, and they will tactically choose when to score rewards, money, and victory points (VP), while gaining new bonuses along the way. 

In the advanced version players add decorations and statues to the regular gameplay. Decorations add in-game value and end-game VP. Statues add new ways to score rewards as well as an end-game majority contest. With new avenues for points and strategy, fans of the original will be able to return to Carrara for new adventures, while new players will be introduced to this classic euro strategy game with the updates that make it contemporary. 
  • Updated art by Franz Vohwinkel
  • A brand new expert variant including Statues 
  • Revised rules for Decorations ("art objects" in the original game)
  • A redesigned spinning wheel for the expert variant
  • Updated end game conditions
  • New Royal Board with new scoring incentive mechanism 
  • New set collection and money strategies 
  • Retro Cards Pack* (as addon or FREE gift for followers)
*We know nostalgia plays are just as fun, so we're including a retro pack as an addon that allows players to recreate and play (95%) of the original Carrara game. If you follow our project on Gamefound now, you receive this retro pack as a free gift. 


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