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The Nightmare Cathedral awakens.

Allow your most twisted terrors to roam free as Nightmare Cathedral rises from the darkness. Its time to creep forth from the abyss and claim this blasphemous world for yourself!

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Featuring beautiful terrors wrought from the talented late Polish painter and sculptor Zdzislaw Beksiński.

With a nightmarish imagination and mysterious conviction, Beksiński brought unparalleled monstrosities to life. Dismissive of those who sought to explain the meaning of his work, we are left to ponder… from where did these horrors emerge? Are you brave enough to find out?

Nightmare Cathedral - board game

These horrific yet captivating nightmares… is that all they are? Or are they something beyond? Perhaps from an oneiric and vile abyss only the bravest souls dare venture to. Beksiński’s vivid landscapes and visions have been pulled from the depths of darkness by Błażej Kubacki and molded into Nightmare Cathedral.

Unique Inspiration

Not only is the artwork inspired by the work of Zdzisław Beksiński, one of the most recognizable and appreciated Polish painters ever, the entire game game mechanism is the direct result of an interpretation of his art.

Hybrid Eurogame Mechanism

A perfect hybrid of some of the best Eurogame mechanisms with visionary and more aggressive gameplay, appealing to gamers of all ilk.

New Gameplay Features

Nightmare Cathedral introduces a new and unique action selection system, objective-based, smooth scoring mechanisms, and simple rules laid out in front of each player on gorgeous, oversized cards.


Time to conquer this crooked universe, dreamer.
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