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Trolls & Princesses is our new “worker movement” strategic board game, by the talented Pim Thunborg, with beautiful art by Edu Valls.

You play as one of the four troll clans and try to impress the Mountain King and gain his favor. Swapping changelings with human babies, stealing church bells, abducting princesses, hiring people, using troll magic.... it's all part of the troll's daily work. 

Trolls & Princesses is really an easy-to-learn hard-to-master board game. You perform an action by moving exactly one troll. But that offers numerous possibilities and interesting choices. Do you group as many trolls as possible to increase the number of available action points? Or is it more interesting to explore another part of your cave? Or does the village offer even better opportunities because your opponents have left enough trolls behind to steal a church bell or kidnap a princess?

Find out more on our Kickstarter campaign, launching January 23!

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